Art Adornment Collection

My jewellery is not regular jewellery; its ‘art adornments’ 

which are inspired by my abstract textural and sculptural art and uses the same materials and techniques. Made of hand-sculpted, hand-painted clay.

Each art adornment is unique.

Please enquire about individual pieces.

Sculptural Art_Sculptural Painting_Nude Art_Figurative Art_Venus_Golden Rose

1. Dreamscape Discs earrings. D 2.5cm, D 4.5cm

Sculptural Art_Sculptural Painting_Nude Art_Figurative Art_Venus_Golden Rose

2. Dreamscape Discs Sculptural Rings.

3. Fantasy Rocks Sculptural rings.

4. ‘LOVE’ Unisex Rings.

5. Chunky Square mens Rings.

6. Dream Pebbles Sculptural Rings/Pendants.

7. Dream Pearls earrings. 

Approximate sizes: D1cm, D1.5cm, D2cm.

8. Aura Earrings. Matching and Mismatched.

9. Sculptural Mens Rings.

10. Dreamstone Earrings. Approximate size: 3.5x3cm.

11. Dreamy Sculptural necklace N1.

12. Dreamy sculptural Necklace N2.

13. Dreamy Sculptural necklace N3 

and mismatched earrings.

14. Dreamstone Oval Earrings. 

Approximate size: 3.5 x 2.8cm.

15. Dreamy Large Pebble Rings.

16. Dreamy Rocks brooches.

17. Dreamy Rocks Earrings.

18. Dreamstone Pebble pendants. 

Sizes: from 9x6cm to 7x4.5cm.

19. Dream Chain Link pendants. 

Sizes: 8 x 5.5cm to 5.5 x 3cm

20. Dream Pebble Pendant and matching Earrings. 

Pendant size: 5 x 4.5cm

21. Sculptural Dreamstone Rings. 

Sizes: Black 7.5 x 4.5cm, Pink 6 x 4.5cm, Blue 6 x 4cm

22. Dreamstone Small Irregular Earrings. 

Sizes: Pink 4 x 3cm, Black 3 x 2.5cm

23. Dreamy Chunky Chain Necklace. Bronze.

24. Dreamy Chunky Chain Necklace ‘Pink-Orange’.

25. Stack of three Dream Bracelets, 

two Pink and one Bronze.

26. Stack of two Dream Bracelets, 

Grey/Gold and Aura Frey/Gold.

About the availability of the work:

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