Art Adornment Collection

My jewellery is not regular jewellery; it is ‘art adornment’ 

which are inspired by my abstract textural and sculptural art and uses the same materials and techniques. Made of hand-sculpted, hand-painted clay sealed with resin.

Each art adornment is unique.

Please enquire about individual pieces.

Sculptural Art_Sculptural Painting_Nude Art_Figurative Art_Venus_Golden Rose

1. Fantasy Rocks Sculptural Rings.

Sculptural Art_Sculptural Painting_Nude Art_Figurative Art_Venus_Golden Rose

2. Fantasy Spheres Sculptural Rings.

3. Spheres  Sculptural Rings

4. Textured Spheres Sculptural Rings

5. ‘LOVE’ Unisex Rings.

6. Chunky Square mens Rings.

7. Dream Pebbles Sculptural Rings/Pendants.

8. Dream Pearls earrings. 

Approximate sizes: D1cm, D1.5cm, D2cm.

9. Aura Earrings. Matching and Mismatched.

10. Sculptural Mens Rings

11. Dreamstone Earrings. Approximate size: 3.5x3cm.

12. Dreamy Sculptural necklace N1.

13. Dreamy sculptural Necklace N2.

14. Dreamy Sculptural necklace N3 

and mismatched earrings.

15. Dreamstone Oval Earrings. 

Approximate size: 3.5 x 2.8cm.

16. Dreamy Large Pebble Rings.

17. Dreamy Rocks brooches.

18. Dreamy Rocks Earrings.

19. Dreamstone Pebble pendants. 

Sizes: from 9x6cm to 7x4.5cm.

20. Dream Chain Link pendants. 

Sizes: 8 x 5.5cm to 5.5 x 3cm

21. Dream Pebble Pendant 

and matching Earrings. 

Pendant size: 5 x 4.5cm

22. Sculptural Dreamstone Rings. 

Sizes: Black 7.5 x 4.5cm, Pink 6 x 4.5cm, Blue 6 x 4cm

23. Dreamstone Small Irregular Earrings. 

Sizes: Pink 4 x 3cm, Black 3 x 2.5cm

25. Pink Multicoloured Spheres 

and Stone Necklace.

24. Pink Multicoloured Spheres Necklace.

26. Old Gold Multicoloured Spheres Necklace.

27. Pink Multicoloured Spheres 


28. Old Black And White 

Multicoloured Spheres 


29. Old Gold Multicoloured Spheres 


30. Fantasy Sculptural Pebbles Rings

31. Fantasy Pebbles Rings

32. Fantasy Pebbles And Tiles Rings

About the availability of the work:

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